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long time no see, how cliche..

so i have been working now for just over 8 months or something for a large telecommunications company. i went from a big shop to a little kiosk and now i am looking after corporate customers. its been an interesting journey. b and i now go swimming after work every day for an hour or so; she takes it fast and i go really slow; because of how close our places of work are. i am learning to drive still, but the seizures have stopped and i now have an automatic instead of a manual and its much easier. i am starting to get the urge to break out on my own! but i dont really want to do that just yet do i. a boy likes me. i am very hot/cold about this fact. i miss having so many friends around me, i now seemed to have slipped into 2 categories of friends: my freaky family or my other family. am i getting too old to just float around anymore? i turn 19 in february and i have been to thailand. my friends and i have gone on a holiday to revisit sydney and go on my first visit to brisbane. i loved it, the freedom and relaxed atmosphere was too much for me not to want it. it will be my goal for very soon next year. i am taking photos and writing lists of everything i have done and seen or want to see and do. my dad seems to be stuck in a rut, we are not too sure how long we can try to help him out before he is stuck there forever. but at least he has a way out for now. my brother repeats himself, my father does not teach him new things to say. my mum is a glorious saviour, but i fear even this may one day be too much for her.

i dont really know whats going to happen next anymore. i used to be able to predict what was going to happen.. what changed?

miss D-laneous. at least i am back.

Lj interest meme

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Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo</lj>, Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424</lj>

[info]sistermagpie is to blame.
*shifty eyes*
That, and waiting for [info]mistful to update her promised Chapter 20 (or some equally high number) yay!

Oh and add me at [info]dustyrabbit if you want to follow me to my new lj that I made because hey I graduated two days ago, it's a cause for celebration!

Another cause for celebration would be ASP.
That boy does things to my insides with his words.
Damn him :( I can't have him can I now?
sing this lullaby to me (thats what it is called)
go to sleep, my baby,
close your pretty eyes,
angels are above you,
looking at you,
from the skies,
great big moon is shining,
stars being to peep,
time for little baby,
to go to sleep..

wheres this from?
yessss, shuddup! I'm a 12 y.o. at <3!!

I'm a goddess of greatness coz i got my glandular fever to only hit me up for the sickmaking at NIGHT!! Like, it sucketh the big time, but how cool is that??! TRAINED/tamed DISEASENESSMENT.

p.s. - this queen is going to get a new livejournal, a new email and something else new when she graduates. follow her life as a 2006 graduate. Ho. Ly. Shit.

Jul. 3rd, 2006


Yes. Yes, it's true.




Praise be the glory music now coz I can hear it.


therefore, what is more important?

okay 3 out of 3 say YES i should buy Qaf Season One. NOW i have to decide what is higher up on my priorities when it comes to buying things this term. lol dammit!

1. pay back mum $100
2. get new phone roughly $200
3. buy QaF season one DVDs about $80
4. face stuff from Body Shop $80
5. trip to brisbane roughly $300
6. schoolies, uni, and life after high school $100000000000000000

dang, you think i could maybe post pone number 6? lol.

on other news- i am soooo happy that everyone didn't like the idea of getting lost in translation with the renewal of my flist. however, it is done and done again and that is the end of that. maybe you'll notice that i dont have such a big and tiring flist? maybe not.

anyways, good nite m'dears. get googletalk and gmail accounts and talk to me sometime :D

To buy. Or not to buy...

Okay, after much self debate and then green_queen having a massive boy-kissing spam post, I am now strongly contemplating buying the Queer As Folk DVDs from Kmart at home. Help me, flist.

Should I? Or Should I not?

Flist!! LISTEN UP :D

Um okay because my eljay flist is getting so massively crowded at the moment I am going to go through and delete anything that I think isn't 100% vital. But because I have NO IDEA what I am actually doing, I'm thinking I shall just have to defriend most things and then refriend some peoples. Or something similar. But yeah so there might be a LOT of confusion and whatnot going on.

So if you want me to add you, or you think I should add any awesome people you know that think I will get along with, etc. Then please let me know who they are and the friending and community-recommending shall begin. Hockay? Hockay. Let's do this. *music begins*

Oh, and to music_stops I think I found you through either some graphics/fic community or fandom somehow. I do a LOT of random wandering around eljay sometimes. :D

P.S.- Mabelness, I have updated the entry I tried to do on eljay but it wasn't letting me edit it. So I had to paste it into a comment on my most recent entry on my wordpress one. How stressful is THAT?! Yay, it's the weekend in 19 minutes :D hehe!!
gooooood morning m'dears. mabel_tran feel loved im mentioning you again :P coz i sent you muchos bigger than heck email yesterday during study. muahaha!hockay so my computers internets is being really really gay and I wanna get dial up on telstras unlimited plan like omg NOW. Coz school network access stresses me out like the maximum. Oh and guess what I had 16 bucks credit two days ago. Now I have NINE dollars something. *stress* I really shouldn’t text people so much if they aint on a telstra prepaid aye but oh well… so im totally gonna bail on photo day coz my hair is being completely feral but that’s okay coz im gonna get frenchie to do my hair in a quiff and ponytail. It looks nicer that way methinks. All quiff like and stuff. Gah I hate auto punctuation its so annoying. Stresses me out. To make me feel better AND worse about myself here is some meme love for everyone who ever reads this and whatnot. Will x-post this to my wpblog too btw. Lataz xoxo m’dears…
p.s.- I am a spinster and spinsters rulesome the worldness so shivvy to you manwhore

credit for meme things: scabbed off some random called laura_5930

ANYONE ELSE but me realise that im really into LONGGGGGGGGGG posts these days? they're so easy and much better than other things like school to do.

so... *ded* ...tired

well there were many pleasing things about this weekend and many disappointing.

for example, the trip up was good. the people were nice and funny and some guy got questioned by two coppers regarding some dope he had smoked earlier. his kids were running up and down the train the entire time and i just felt i had to trip one over lol nah jks i didnt. im not that cruel! *coughcough* lol. dad picked me up after i spent the entire trip dozing and listening to aar on my laptop. he was tired and we went straight home to bed and i had a quick meal and unpacked.

friday i slept in til lunchish and did heaps of chores around the place and then considered walking down to the pioneer pool for my brother and sisters swimming carnival to cheer them on. but it was too hot and i have too many enemies hanging around that school so i didnt. i stayed home and talked to people and updated my windows themes. it now looks so cool. then that nite mum and i went shopping a bit for grocery stuff and i got cookie dough and nutella. *licks lips* YUM-MY! haha and then about 8.30pm mum so kindly drove me out to walkerston bmx track so i could stay at khetas for the night.

that was heaps of fun. mum drove along this road that went sidelong the track just as a race was going on and there were bright lights everywhere and mum stopped and was like ‘oh but i dont know if we are allowed to drive on this bit or not’ i was just like *cringe* ‘mum!! omg so shame lol just keep driving who caresss!!’ lol coz everyone was lookin over at us coz mum had just stopped and we were this little VERY VISIBLE red car sitting there in the middle of the road. gah im goin red just remembering it! lol. but it was cool we went around the back and nearly ran over a bunch of little kids on their bikes and then tia came up with kylee and im just like omg yay happy happy happy to see my mates again. lol. they were all so sweaty when i gave them hugs. ryan was the worst. he had ridden really fast for about 10 races and was like a soggy jumper to hug. lol but yeah he’s a little cutie sometimes. a horny cutie but nevertheless a cutie. LMAO true words. and then we went to tia’s place and thankfully jarem rode home so we didnt have to put up with HIS sweaty smells in the car lol thank goodness!

but yeh so me n tia had fun and im now the godmum of her, kylee and naomis “babies” that they have in kylees tum lol idiots! but yeh. except well one of them died or something but oh well its all jokes. the next day got up watched telly and then woke up. mum came by about 9.30 ish to take me and khetia into town. we met up with becca at dazzas and ate some curly fries. can you say YUMMY again?! lol. they were great. then i bought 4 tops, one from rush and three from jayjays and then mum took us to canelands where i bought a top from fashion fair, a pair of pants from supre and a belt and some glitter from cosmetics plus. plus i got an oreo bash (yummmmmy! hehe) from gloria jeans, met tyler who is khetias cute guy friend with the same colour hair as her which is awesometown lol to quote mabel! and also bought a pair of really sparkly earrings from citybeach.

i had to borrow 90 cents off becca by then coz my 115 bucks had run out. lol. which sucked. but we saw beccas cute guy friend callum in city beach too so she spoke to him and i looked at stuff. lol subtlety rules! haha and thennnn -OH did i mention bronte met up with us too? she was coolness and we had to leave her and tia when beccas dad and brother came to get us but yeshnesh we all had so muchos funnerly times lol and yeah… anyways- beccas dad dropped me off and i came home and slept and did more chores and then miranda and her family came over for an italian food fest. zane is so cute, we watched men in black 2 together downstairs and he was just like OOOH ooooh! doggy, doggy! everytime frank the dog came onscreen. so cute! hehe that night i stayed up til about 2am coz i was online in tatums room talking to ppls on msn. ben and i organised to go to the movies on monday (which is today actually) because we were both going to get our learners monday morning (and both failed actually lol) but that didnt happen coz the sessions were screwed up and he had bball at 4pm or something. neways excuses excuses. we can catch up some other time i dont care really.

im not that in tune with my old friends anymore for some reason. but yeah megan and ben also rang me that night about 10ish coz megan was off her face. i was just like o.O lol kkkk?!? and stuff. then ummm. sunday which was yesterday i slept in til lunchish and then we had dinner which was roo and crunchy asian salad and sweet potato which are my fave homecooked foods hehe YUMMMMMMMY MAXIMUSSSSSSS! and i studied like crazy for my learners which i failed the multiple choice bit but not the give way bit. hmph. ummm and what else happened. i got the cutest email from el capitan mabel tran but i havent replied yet coz my internets keeps screwing up and BANG the door just slammed shut courtesy of the windyness outside today and the open windows inside today.

lol ummm and last nite i slept really badly and kept waking up and then couldnt sleep or get comfy or anything. i think i need to sleep in my school bed again. i am not used to the luxuriousness of the queen sized waterbed i have at home. and then today i went in with mum to her work and helped out heaps and then at 11.30 i went to get my hair done at streaks ahead on shakespeare street and it cost 85 bucks and i got it coloured with a “demi” in the colour of a chocolately brown and had foils in creamy blonde put in. shivvy to school if they get up me for it!! :@ hehe ummm but yeh it looks good and i got it straightened as well so as i was walking down the street to where dad was picking me up it went EVERYWHERE in the wind! so annoying btw but oh well.

so now im at home coz i didnt go to the movies coz the nice lady called julie who did my hair (who had the flu so i hope she gives it to me so i dont have to go to school tomorrow aye muahahaha i am evil, evillll EVIL i tell ya. wait no im not. im a good girl at least i reckon i am and yeah) made me realise how sad it is to be going to the movies by myself so im gonna go see a movie this weekend on extended senior leave i think. *fingers crossed* i cant spend anymore money except for on my photo day this thursday and on blutack and those other things i said i have to buy. other than that i must conserve my monies and spend them another time.

i wanna get a phone like dads though *tear* or a PDA like beccas which is cool and mum and dad said i can get a dial up yay! for school so i never have to worry about internets again! wooooooohoooo go me! *does a victory dance* that makes me soooo very happy. lol but yes so i shall be getting on with it aye. love ya and leave ya… xoxo lataz from dus

x-posted to http://www.dustyn.wordpress.com no duh seriously my sms inbox is lurve today. get jiggy with it yo

EDITNESS: Oh el capitan of the world I graciously take your subtle suggestion and paragraphed my eternal ramblings. But I do not have time to do an LJ cut so bear with me yo. Feel the love and the MnM cookie dough on my lips - YUMMY! :P lataz...

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

im seventeen years and 10 hours old. aren't i oldddd?!??!?
feeling so loved and stuff. got some awesome pressies and some even awesomer phone calls, txts, birthday songs, emails and comments. lucky lucky me! hehe
went and saw underworld 2: evolution last night it was gory and wonderful i was in massive love the entire time, although one scene was kinda expected but suddenly there. was all: o.O and stuff haha
ate curly fries, calamari and lemon,lime&bitters at hogs breath cafe and got given heaps of wonderful things. it was a fun night. i'll post some pics one day if i figure them out. :S coz im dumb like that. ask if you want me to send them to you aye ;) coz they're wonderful. lol i got my hair straightened and frenchie did me a quiff on top of my head and it looked awesome. im in such a good mood. gotta work tomorrow afternoon and then we get two ice cream cakes. i've been celebrating my birthday for 3 days by then haha. lucky lucky happy dappy me. kate and loz and izzy were acting so wierd last night *ahem* haha. i filmed them, it was hilarious. got a cool mix cd from kels but she doesnt know that coz i burned it quickly lol. norty norty me. well im stealing time right now and i need to go to sleep or lie down somewhere and be lazy. right after i get my towel from downstairs on the balcony. it fell. not my fault. only 11 months and under 30 days to go as dad said until im a FULL GROWN ADULT! i talk so much, its a surprise my voice hasnt run away from this last year of my childhood. LAST YEAR... make me feel loved coz i love you all. *hugs* xoxo lataz dears



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